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Who? What?

Posted on Nov 08, 2013
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These little guys are just too cute.  At almost four months old, these Yorkie brothers are learning their names and quickly becoming aware of their surroundings and their new home where they will be loved endlessly.  They will require constant supervision (crate, x-pen, or on a leash) and a consistent schedule for feeding and house-training.  We will begin basic obedience where “good” and “yes” are heard far more than “no”.  Right boys?  “YES!”

Housetrain Your Dog The Easy Way!

Posted on Apr 01, 2010
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If this doesn’t work for you, get a copy of my ebook “The Truth About Housebreaking.”  Maybe if your dog sees you reading the book, he will be more than willing to take this vow.

Dr. Phil’s Dog Training

Posted on Feb 20, 2010
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In the words of another great dog behaviorist…most trainers train humans and rehabilitate dogs.  I work with a lot of dogs who are, fortunately for them, not so much in need of rehabilitation given their age and history as they are in need of consistency.  And, in much dismay to their humans, they are excellent at being puppies.

In my training of humans, I try to keep things light and also get the point across.  For instance, as I am leash training their dog, the human will get excited when the puppy attempts to chew the leash as they repeat, “see, look what he does, look what he does!” If, when I provide instruction, they don’t want to hear what I’m saying, I’ll ask what they have been doing when Pookie chews the leash.  After they respond, I hear myself asking, “how’s that workin’ for ya’?”

Another example is in the guidance I provide for house training a puppy.  It almost always involves my suggesting crate training and complete supervision when the puppy isn’t in the crate.  By now, they are exhausted from cleaning up poop and pee and not sleeping because of a destructive pup in the house.  They will assure me it would never work and every reason why.  I wait and listen because I do understand their frustration.  Then, if they continue to negate my suggestion, I may hear myself ask, “do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?”

So, you see, this really is about human behavior modification as much as it is canine behavior modification.  As I always say, dogs are great at being dogs.  While it may not be the same in every case, behaviorists have learned what works.  I’m sure there are a lot of other Dr. Phil-isms I could and do use.  If what you are doing, isn’t working or in the way you had hoped, please contact me!

Puppy Training

Posted on Aug 11, 2009
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In the 80’s there were some major changes in the thought on how to best raise children.  In order to not hurt their spirit and to give them a little personal power, kids were given choices.  A lot of choices.  Oatmeal or dry cereal or maybe just some fruit?  Tennis shoes, sandals, and which color would you like?

Giving kids choices is a good idea when they are of age to comprehend choice and consequence.  Until then, the parent may do well to provide guidance and keep the peace by not giving a child so many choices they never get out the door on time.

I am mentioning this because I am finding a lot of this type of four-legged parenting.  I hear things like, “my dog doesn’t like being on a leash.”  “They are depressed when in their crate.”  My dog doesn’t want to poop outside.”  As a trainer who wants the best for you and your canine relationship, I have to say something. . . they don’t get a choice!

You are their provider and you are showing them moment by moment what life is like when they live with you.  Not the other way around.  When someone tells me they haven’t trained their dog, I remind them they have.  The question is what have they trained them?  Puppy training begins the second they come through your door.  A dog can quickly adopt the idea that you have joined their family and they set the rules.

You can do more damage to their psyche by not being a consistent leader (or parent if that fits you better.)  They don’t need a lot of choices in order to love and respect us.

House Training Your Dog Today

Posted on Jul 28, 2009
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While there is more information available than you could possible want to know about house training, it is still the number one concern of my clients.  The challenge for most people is moving beyond the memory of their previous experience when, “we house trained our last dog in five days and never used a crate.”

No one quite remembers how they did it, but only that it was easy.  Some suffer or rather are blessed with memory loss regarding the time it took to get their new pup to “go” outside.   I’m not sure why it seems so different now than it used to.  Perhaps dogs resided outside more than inside, maybe you were more patient, or let’s face it – the previous dog may have just been a quick learner!

You will get the new pup housetrained much faster if you immediately get on a consistent schedule with food, potty breaks, and confinement (crate or small space) and supervision.  Consider it a learning experience and welcome the new-and-improved process.  It works!

If you have any questions about a proven system of house training and/or crate training, contact me or check out the ebook to the right.