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Rescue Sweet Rescue

Posted on Feb 12, 2014
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Meet Chloe and Coco.  Chloe is an adorable, smart, and amazingly mature 8 year old.  Her new best friend and rescued pup is Coco.  Chloe’s family already had two larger dogs who are very well trained and the addition of this little one was new territory, so I was called. I am more than delighted to have the pleasure of working with this family and their commitment to having a stable, well behaved small dog (not always an easy task with a nervous rescue).

As some of you know, my heart is with assisting timid dogs in gaining confidence and feeling secure in their new homes.  Initially, Coco was afraid of – well, as they say, her own shadow. Now?  I will let the images do the talking.  This is Chloe and Coco after we walked to school (with a lot of distractions) and are waiting for class to start.  I am truly amazed and impressed with how bonded these two are and how this little (a-lot-less-nervous-now) pup looks to Chloe for guidance.  A reminder that good things come in small packages – and, I’m not just talking about the dog.

Sarcasm And Dogs

Posted on Nov 24, 2009
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Most people get it by now that dogs pick up on our energy.  We pick up on theirs as well, but most humans prefer to act like they don’t get it!  Why is that?

I was wondering if dogs understand when we are being sarcastic?  I think they do.  Why?  Because we have an energy about us that is usually playful and play is something they understand.

A few examples:

  • Zoe has taught herself to open the slider door.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing except she doesn’t know or doesn’t care to know how to close it behind her.  I usually look up with a smile and say, “close the door, you’re letting the flies out.”  I swear she will turn around, look at me with her ears up and tail wagging as she gives me a big smile.  Please don’t act like you’ve never seen a dog smile.
  • Mac doesn’t run, he frolicks!  However, he typically saves this spontaneous happy walk for when he has something in his mouth that isn’t his.  I say sarcastically, “good boy!”  He brings whatever it is to me and proudly hands it over!  Seriously.

If I can be a little sarcastic with them, it helps me to take things in stride, and I do think they get it.  They get my energy and intent about what I’m saying.  For me, it’s entertainment.  For them, they’re just words that make me smile and they like that.